BoHome Shop Design

Let’s Get Boho

Project: Bohome
Design and Execution: Joint Effort Projects
Location: Square, Al Khoud, Muscat
Year: 2022
Type of Style: Bohemian style


The concept is to create a display area for bohemian items such as rugs, art pieces, decorative items, chairs, and lights.

The client had a tight budget, we decided to make the design very simple and elegant at the same time.


The area was a huge challenge! How are we going to use it to display products as much as possible and at the same time not look cluttered and bulky.

We used wood materials and a neutral color scheme to match the bohemian style. The colors are very light and smooth so the main focus will be on the displayed items.

A touch of terrazzo tiles for a small area adds contrast to the space. Decorative wall paint to add some texture to the walls.

Before and after:

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